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Opened in October 2018, the ISPTundavala Museum Space features the personal and ethnographic collection of anthropologist, writer and filmmaker Ruy Duarte de Carvalho (1941-2010) and a Herbarium.


The ISPTundavala Museum Space disseminates and researches on natural dimensions (fauna and flora) and socio-cultural aspects of the Southwest region of Angola, through collections in deposit, and the constitution of its own collection.

The Herbarium is dedicated to plants from the Lubango region, with a special focus on the presentation of the flora of the ISPTundavala campus. The exhibition is organized by thematic nuclei that combine information about Ruy Duarte de Carvalho's collection with current research on the region.


Proposing this Space as a place for the production of knowledge, we invite the presentation of research proposals by students, teachers and interested parties.

We also invite travelers to contribute with pieces to, or information about, any Nucleus.


  • Ruy Duarte de Carvalho: experience and work;

  • Sculpture and other forms of artistic expression;

  • Ceramics;

  • Around the ox;

  • Musical instruments;

  • adornments;

  • Basketry and milling;

  • Other utensils;

  • Toys;

  • Naturalia;

  • Fauna;

  • herbarium


Work coordination: Drª Fernanda Lages (ISCED, PhD)

Exhibition curator: Inês Ponte (ICS-ULisboa, PhD)

Reception and Space Management: Marcelo Cândido

Logistics and assembly support: Eduarda and Virgilio Victoria Pereira

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