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Campos de arroz




The sector of agricultural and livestock activities is one of the most important for the province of Huíla, essentially agricultural, and for the country.

This course will have the objective of training technicians around agricultural activities, providing them with concepts and techniques that allow them to become familiar with the routine activities of an agricultural and livestock operation, allowing them to actively intervene in productive processes, also from a perspective prevention, pollution control, waste treatment and rational management of natural resources. It also trains them in other aspects, such as “Organic Agriculture” in its vegetable production component, in relation to the aspects that most differentiate it from “Conventional Agriculture”: fertilization and crop protection; Zootechnics, Animal Reproduction, Nutrition and Animal Feeding, Business Management, among others.

In addition to the specific skills provided, these technicians will have access to a set of basic disciplines that will endow them with more generic and comprehensive visions, skills and valences.




Train senior technicians with competence at the level of:

  • Agricultural and livestock production;

  • Conservation and transformation of agricultural and livestock products;

  • Agricultural product inspection assistant;

  • Hygiene and food safety🇧🇷

  • Business management🇧🇷

  • Planning and management of rural space🇧🇷

  • Rural extension/knowledge transmission





Agriculture and livestock production companies

Product processing companies

Product marketing and distribution companies

State bodies

National or foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

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